Geeta Chaudhry
"I am so glad I attended Sara's talk on napping at Google, Mountain View. She is a fantastic speaker. The talk was engaging, useful, and effective. I have since put napping on my list of rejuvenating activities!"

Sarah Fitzharding PhD
Gallileo Research and Strategy Consulting
"Dr. Mednick showed me how I can feel alert and sharp well into the evening but in a controlled and balanced way"

Reid Blank
Chief Executive
The Big Sleep Show
As one of the great champions on the benefits of napping, Dr. Mednick provides a much needed service to all of us sleep-deprived Americans. As a Scientific Advisory Board member and one of the highest rated guest speakers of The Big Sleep Show, Dr. Mednick is a wonderful advocate for translating the science of sleep into practical strategies and methods that we all can use on a daily basis to feel better, live safely and have an overall healthier quality of life.

Hjalmar Leenders
Thank you for writing Take a nap, it did change my life. This is the first book about sleep with which you directly can apply your new knowledge and create a better quality life. I am now a promoter of you concept and advise people to read your book.

Hany Farid Ph.D.
David T. McLaughlin Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Associate Chair of Computer Science at Dartmouth College
"Take a Nap!" is entertaining and well-written, yet informative and based on Dr. Mednick's scientific research. As an inveterate napper, I recommend "Take a Nap!" to my colleagues and students. Personally, I couldn't be as productive each day without my afternoon nap.

Richard Miller, PhD
Clinical Psychologist and Educator
www.IntegrativeRestoration.com (www.nondual.com)
President, Center of Timeless Being
Co-president, Institute for Spirituality and Psychology
Co-founder, International Association of Yoga Therapy
"Taking a nap is the best gift we can give ourselves, and the best advice we can offer our friends, clients and students. Sara's book, Take a Nap, Change Your Life conveys in such simple and easy to understand language the deep impact of health, healing, creativity and energy that such a simple and enjoyable affair as taking a nap brings to our lives. I recommend her book to everyone at every training, class and retreat that I give. I don't know how I survived for so long without the daily nap that I now love to take, thanks to Sara's guidance!".